Current CCPs & Alumni

"To this point in the CCP program, I have learned a lot about the live music industry from firsthand experience. The most valuable part of the program for me has easily been seeing these operations go on up close, allowing me to get a real understanding of all the different things required to go according to plan in order for a show to be a success."

– Eric Sweeney, Current CCP (Cohort #6)

"The emphasis on individual development fueled by feedback provided me with a better understanding of my strengths. It was incredibly validating to hear that my skills are appreciated and useful. In addition to learning more about areas of excellence, I’ve also had the opportunity to try and fail at things in a container that feels safe and supportive.”

– Bry Law, CCP Cohort #4 Alum

“My family’s money troubles came to a point where they couldn’t provide anymore so I decided to step in and start working more. Ever since, I’ve been trying to provide my family with the money they need. It’s what’s pushing me to get as many jobs as I can.”

“One of my challenges was being able to build my resume and my cover letter. But the program helped me do both to get the jobs that I wanted. This program helped me understand how a theatre works, from production to front of house operations, so I can get jobs outside. Because of that, I learned that if you see an opportunity you just take it. You never know where it will take you.”

– Joshua Sifuentes, CCP Cohort #2 Alum

Community Friends & Allies

Stern Grove Festival has hired a number of interns from The UC Theatre’s Concert Career Pathways to work as summer production assistants. The program has been a terrific resource for us as the interns come prepared and eager to work in this industry. They have been great additions to our Festival team.

– Judy Tsang, Director of Programming, Stern Grove Festival

For young people who want to be involved in the music industry, the Concert Career Pathways (CCP) program is an incredible gateway. Giving young people real hands-on experience is not only the best way for them to learn, but also gives them a realistic perspective on what it is like to work in the industry. The support they receive and the knowledge they gain helps them in every aspect of their lives, but especially in self-esteem and confidence. What is equally important is the transition to jobs in the industry after the program is concluded. Many of the cohort would be labelled as at-risk youth; helping these kids get to work when they graduate CCCP changes the trajectory of their lives. Another important aspect is the intentional diversity of the cohort – the music industry is still dominated by white males – CCP is helping change that from the bottom up.

– Kate Knox, Co-Director, Holden High School, Orinda, CA

The UC Theatre is one of the leaders in valuing youth leadership in meaningful ways…I commend them for building [the education program] into the fabric of their organization…this is unique in the field.

– Dan Reilly, Director of Innovation, RYSE Youth Center, Richmond, CA

I have served as a member of The UC Theatre’s Education advisory committee. In this time I have been able to see firsthand the growth and commitment to the program that the UC Theatre has as well as the rest of the community members serving on the committee. Recently a participant in the program was hired as a staff member at our theatre. The UC Theatre is striving to create an inclusive learning environment that prepares the next generation of employees in the music industry for success.

– Anthony Jackson, Program Manager, Training and Community Programs Berkeley Rep School of Theatre