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Bumbershoot Workforce Development Program

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Bumbershoot Arts and Music Festival, now operated by non-profit Third Stone, is the Pacific Northwest’s Largest Music Festival and is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2023. Strategically tied into the main campus festival event, Third Stone will also be launching a tuition free and paid workforce development program, designed to remove barriers to entry to the creative workforce. Third Stone’s mission is to help foster an inclusive, energized, and sustainable arts economy in the Pacific Northwest through festival, artistic spectacle, and community driven programming. 

Third Stone is partnering with The UC Theatre’s Concert Careers Pathway (CCP) program, in Berkeley, CA, whom have placed 80% of their graduates into jobs. Like the CCP Program, Bumbershoot Workforce Development Program serves 15-20 youth, ages 17 to 25, to work alongside seasoned live event and concert business professionals.

Course Timeline:

  • April
    • Career Development
    • Workshop Assessments
    • Intro Workshop Series (April 3-27):
      • Program Orientation
      • Intro to Concert Promotion
      • Intro to Community Development and Education
      • Intro to Production Operations
      • Intro to Front of House Operations
      • Intro to Marketing
      • Intro to Talent Buying
  • May
    • Speaker Series presentations
    • Advanced Workshops 
    • Begin Job shadowing
  • June
    • Complete Job Shadowing
    • Begin Internship
  • July-August
    • Continue Internship
  • September 1-4
    • Internship at Bumbershoot Festival - Labor Day Weekend