OMEGA FEST: Biohazard / Forbidden

OMEGA FEST: Biohazard / Forbidden

Warbringer, Exciter, Hatriot, Bewitcher, DeathGrave, Frolic, Hellbender

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Doors: 3:00pm • Show: 3:30pm

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General Admission Standing Room with Limited Seating

A lot has happened this year that we never thought would come to fruition and ever happen again.

Forbidden is back and with a vengeance. We are so excited for what is coming in the future, and today we are even more excited to announce this very special event. 

Omega fest 2024 will happen next May 4th in Berkeley, California at The UC Theatre.

We wanted to create a festival that we can repeat year after year, bringing some of our favorite bands, and some of our inspirations to create a day and night of amazing music. This year, the inaugural year we welcome the legendary BioHazard, to headline with us! EXCITER from Canada, who we tip the hat many times over for their inspiration and groundbreaking thrash metal from Canada that helped to begin the whole genre.

We also are welcoming to the stage, some of our favorite, newer bands, and artists that we cannot wait to see the crowd go mental over. This is going to be the hottest ticket next year for music in the Bay Area and we hope that people from all over the world will fly in for this incredible day.