Covid-19 Show Staff Support

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Covid-19 Staff Support

It is not uncommon for event staff to live paycheck to paycheck and rely heavily on income from shows to put food on the table. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing The UC Theatre to shut our doors for the foreseeable future, our show staff are out of work and struggling as a result. As a family, we vow to do everything in our power to ensure that our employees are financially supported in order to make it through this difficult period.

The UC Theatre stands with our 75+ show staff members who are currently struggling without work as a result of the concert industry’s abrupt suspension – our stagehands, technicians, box office agents, floor staff, bartenders, and more.

We are asking that you stand with us, and help support someone in need.

If you have the means to donate big or small, your generosity will directly result in a little more peace of mind for someone who is struggling to make ends meet right now. We’re all in this together – each and every one of us have been personally impacted by COVID-19, and the only way to move beyond this difficult period is by leaning on one another and creating an impenetrable network of community love. Your support means helping pay a staff member has been abruptly unemployed so that they can provide basic needs to themselves and their families during this difficult moment. 100% of proceeds from this fund will go directly towards our event staff who help make every single show possible. Without them, the show could not go on.

Please, help us take care of those in our community – our family. Donate today.